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Last updated - August 18, 2019

Train Rides

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             Aug. 31, 2019 ORE Blue Ash Flyer, - Cincinnati, OH.

             Sep.   1, 2019 ORE Fireworks Train, - Cincinnati, OH

             Oct. 12, 2019 ORE DT&I North End, - Leipsic, OH.

             Oct. 13, 2019 ORE Lima-Quincy Excursions, - Lima, OH

             Oct. 19, 2019 ORE South Charleston Rocket, - South Charleston, OH.

             Oct. 20, 2019 ORE Maitland Excursion, - Urbana, OH

             Oct. 25, 2019 ORE Quincy Wine Train, - Lima OH

             Oct. 26, 2019 ORE Lima Limited Fall Colors, - Lima, OH

             Oct. 27, 2019 ORE Lima Limited Fall Colors, - Lima, OH

WVRR Caboose Ride&M RR March 29, 2019 Connersville, IN
This flyer will be updated when I get it from Brian Banta.


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